martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Editor overview, first video!

It's been a long time since the last update, but it's not like I was doing nothing... (actually, most of the time I was), but I managed to get some preogress despite of that : D

I was feeling like the resolution of the editor was too small and that on big maps it would not feel comfortable to work with it, so I decided to increase it.

I had to move and replace some things, and along with that, I finally programmed a custom save/load system on a custom format (it took longer than expected because I had to investigate in a proper way to pack various files into one in GM). Also been adding minor functionalities.

I'm about to 'finish' the editor and leave it as it is for now and go back to programm the in-game engine again and soon I'll start with the battle system.

But before starting it, I will release a 'battle-free' alpha preview, so people can start messing around with the engine and get a bit used to it.
Cant speak about time yet.

So, the progress video, hope you like it.

See you.

martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

About the map editor

I've been really busy lately improving the map editor.
I changed my mind and now I'm making the editor capable of create the event scripts so you dont have to write it on empty text files, knowing all commands and how they work.

That's the main thing I'm focusing right now, but I added some minor things worth noticing.

The first thing, is that I changed a bit how it works. Before, the map had two modes to work:
Editing collision terrain, or editing events (that was never implemented though).

But now, you can edit the collision and add some more terrain properties that are working, like flowers, water (have to work with the borders), and jumping elements.

Aside, there's now events and objects. The idea is first to create the event with all the available commands, then you place an object in the map, and assign to it the event you want. Just how it should be.

The editor looks kinda childish, since (as I've said a lot of times) I'm not an artist and I'm not working with Visual Studio. It will not look too nice, but it's clear and functional, and that's what really matters.

Some screenshots:
    Pallet Town, and terrain properties

    Evend editor and its commands (temporary list)

    Random map, with the list of generic behaviours for objects

Hope you like it : D
Again, thanks for reading.

domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

More progress

A small improvement: Now the player have the action of jumping down and in both directions. The animation effect of jumping is still WIP, it feels a bit off, but it's functional. It allready detects the gaps when the jump must be done.

Also, I started with the attack anymation scripting system. Not too much to say. It does things good, but not too many BTW. As I progress with the battle system, I will improve that system too.

But the most important progress I made, and the reason I'm writing this post, is the database.

Game Maker and databases doesnt get along very well, so I searched a bit around the net and I found a simple yet effective data management system that simulates data bases, and its now implemented in the engine.

As I told before, I had a list with all 151 first Pokemons, a list of items, and a list of moves.
But now I got a full Pokemon table with names, base stats, evolution level and catch rate for every Pokemon. Also a table with all first generation items and their descriptions.

This is a huge step, I can now keep working on battle system and bag storage system, having a good source of data I can work with. I have more room for improvement now.

And that's everything for today folks. See you.
Hope I can make some good progress soon and give you somemore updates.

viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

What's up with this

It has been a busy time. But not because of this project. Anyways, this thing goes on.
The other day I woke up too early, at 6'30 or so. I couldnt sleep more for the rest of the morning, but, luckily, my head started to throw up some nice ideas to help me on the engine.

Currently, I'm developing a sort of particle system to get cool attack animations. You just need the sprites, and then you can customize their movement with simple script orders. So there's no need to create an sprite with the full attack animation for every attack. Just play with the scripts and see what's the result. I'll be really proud of myself if I can get this functional and usefull.

I'm also learning how to use some database dlls for Game Maker and thinking which databases do I need for the engine and how will they be (Not all the programming is coding. Taking some time to organize ideas and make them clear saves a lot of time of trash coding).

The battle intro is now a truly copy of the original game and it almost feels like you are playing it instead of a fangame. It's progressing slow, because to make it look nice and pretty I need a lot of graphic movement and text alignments and I waste a great ammount of time calculating coordinates, displacements and such. But it's progressing.

The idea of the trailers is still there. I supose that when I have some awesome-looking battle action and some more small things done, I'll start to make it. I wanna make a trailer with substance and with something people can get hyped for.

That's all for now. More news soon. I mean... 'soon'. See you!

martes, 9 de abril de 2013

What's done, and what's left

So here goes a brief description of what's already implemented and what still has to be.
(All you can see in screens is WIP)


The event system

One of the basic things on every RPG is the interaction with other characters and making some scenes with dialogs and movement between them to tell a story in a believable way.
This is supported with the possibility to assign movement (both random and preprogrammed) to any NPC and the player, and also the possibility show up a dialog box anytime. Building up a scene is a bit time consuming, but nothing hard.
This includes moving NPCs around the map, following a stablished path, or going wherever they wanna go.

The event system is also capable of activate/deactivate events on any map of the game, so you can progress through the game.

All this gives to the map enough life to create the feel of playing a real pokémon game. However, I still need to implement animated plants and water to make that feel stronger.

All event commands are stored in event text files, assigned to a object. And all event objects are on map configuration file, so you only need to activate the ones you want to execute any time you enter the map.

I spent 70% of the time making this reliable enough. It's the core of the engine. Anyways I must still work on this to make it 100% flawless.


Some time ago I was still coding my own map editor, it was kinda functional, but making maps with it was really slow. I tried to improve it but sincerily, make a really usefull map editor is a pain in the ass. So I searched around internet if there was already a map editor I could use that fits my needs. Found it. Tiled Map Editor. It's awesome. Having the good tilesets, making maps with that is the easiest thing in the world.

But still, I only use that for making the map graphics. A program that creates collision data for the map was still needed. So, I took the editor I made, changed it 'just a bit' and now all you have to do is open the map and draw over it some kind of terrain. And by terrain I mean, solid tiles, bushes, or any kind of special behaviour a tile needs. Click export, and you'll have all data ready to be loaded by the game. Is that easy.

Saving system

The save system allows to create as many games as you want, not just one.
This and the event system works together like they should. You can modify all the events you want during game play but if you close the game before saving, all will be lost.

Obviously, this is not a simple game_save() call. It's a custom saving process that fits the requeriments of the engine. Well, just as any big game.

Other stuff

The engine have the sprites for all 151 first generation pokémon. Front and back. And a small list of attacks and items for testing purposes. (I had almost all the attack names on a list, but in Spanish, my language, and the language I started to make this with). Currently translating.

I made my own catching animation, more anime-like. You throw a ball, it hits the pokemon and bounces, throws a red ray, the pokemon shrinks and gets into the pokeball, the pokeball falls to the ground. WIP.

The battle intro is 90% like the original game. Also most of the interface. Understand I'm not an artist and I have to do to what ripped graphics lets me do.



The battle system

I just started to work on it full time. Expect surprises there. I dont know if anyone would get disappointed, but I'm not making the usual battle system. I'm making the battle system I would like to play in a pokémon game. One thing I can say at least, is that you will no longer need to use alzheimer and forget moves.

The pokémon stats system.

There's where I die. I know almost anything about how I'll do this. Basically, I dont know how the game works here, so the problem is not how to code, but WHAT to code.
I mean, how will the stats increase when leveling up? How much exp will you need to reach next level? What must happen to make two identic pokémon grow up differently? Which things are random and which not? Just thinking about this gives me headache.


Self-explanatory. A list of all items and attacks. Time consuming. Not hard.
Attack animations

I wont die here, because if I have to do this alone, I wont do it. I'll have to ask for community help. Otherwise...

Inventory and PC storage systems
The systems to store all the items and all the pokémons you get. Should not be complicated either.



While this is a engine with a original game in mind, lets be clear. Noone would make a pokémon game FOR PC without trying to improve it. So that's what I want to do.
Gameplay-wise, I'll just tweak the battle system. Graphic-wise, as far as I can get better art, I could even make an HD version. But dont get your hopes up. That's not happening anytime soon (I supose).

What I will try to do for sure, is to add some sort of graphical effects to make the game look better.
BTW, just want thing is clear. Forget the typical battle background. I hope I can get help from some artist. Then the battle background will be a background of your current place. Not just a couple of circles with the surface. Thinking also about a small layout change for the H.U.D.

I also have some ideas about 'flight' HM. Not going to tell more about this right now.


I'm not seeing the finish line, but I'll try to keep working harder on this and make a useful engine for all pokémon fans who wants to create a pokémon game.
I dont know how the readers will be seing this, maybe like 'just smoke'. Just beautiful words from a random guy. That's it, in fact. But I hope you'll change your mind when I show this 'in movement'.
I really think you'll like what you'll see. And if not... I'll try not to care. I need to finish this anyways.

Thank you for reading, and (if you will) subscribe to the blog to keep track of the progress and get the lastest news. All support I can get will help me!

domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Some history behind Pokémon Worlds

Hi there folks and welcome to Pokémon Worlds Development blog, a blog full of small creatures called... whatever. Welcome. This is the official development blog for Pokémon Worlds, the Game Maker Pokémon engine I'm currently working on.

I've been working on this for more than 4 years. It started like a personal experiment, or challenge. By then, I really wanted to make my own Pokémon game, so I took Game Maker and see what I could do about it.

It started just like a character movement test, but I'm a person who gets bored easily, so step by step, I continued coding things. At first I though this was gonna be another of my bunch of abandoned projects, and now, I cannot believe how it ended. I cannot believe how I managed to keep up working on this and I cannot believe what it has become.

After some time working and seeing I was progressing, I came up with the idea of making an engine instead of a game. I thought about all the pokémon fans who would like to make his own Pokémon game. There's a lot of them! So if I could do something to help (I was kinda do it anyways), so, why not? Engine then.

More and more progress was made, and by now, it's a pretty advanced engine, but dont missunderstand me. I still have a long road ahead, there's a lot of things to do.

But there's a 'problem'. This engine became my university final project! So guess what? I must finish it, I cant stop working on it and resume it 'some time' later anymore.
This thing got serious. Serious enough that I'm seeing the first video in a month or so.

What all this means is that I'm putting more time and effort on this than ever, and it's progressing at a very good pace, so I thought it was being time to have a website where the people interested in this (I hope they're not just a few) could check out its progress, discuss ideas and give some feedback.

So, here it is.

More info on the actual state of the project and some screens in the next entry. See you.